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Home Automation is a wide arena featuring many product offerings.  Based on our experience we can help navigate the sea of products and help you find the right devices for your needs.  We have experience in all of the 3 major communication protocols (Z-Wave, Zigbee, and WiFi) and can help you find the right mix of products and budget.  Our systems are usually based on one of the Home Hub platforms listed below.  These home hubs can then control any of the following devices:

  • Smart Lighting

  • Door Contacts

  • Motion Sensors

  • Leak Detectors

  • Water Shut Off Valves

  • Smart Outlets

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors

  • Smart Appliances

  • Robot Vacuums

  • Garage Door Openers

  • Smart Locks

  • Sprinkler Controllers

  • Robot Mowers

Then combine these devices with Custom Automation that fits your needs and your lifestyle and you have created a home that works for you - a Smart Home.


A Smart Home's heart is it's control hub.  The control hub issues commands to the various devices around your home, causing these devices to take action.  These commands can come from your phone, voice integration, or automation. 


Smarter Home offers several of the most popular home hub controllers including: 

  • Samsung SmartThings

  • Hubitat Elevation


Smart Lighting is one of the most simplistic form of Home Automation.  From the ability to turn lights on and off when you're away from home or to have them come on automatically when you arrive at home after dark, this is just the tip of capabilities.  Smart lighting encompasses your comfort, safety, and your mood.

Smarter Home offers some of the very best in smart lighting including:

  • Sylvania Smart +

  • Cree Connected

  • Phillips Hue


Now take your Smart Hub and Combine Smart Lighting with a little planning and now you have Automation.  This can include something simple like your porch light coming on when you arrive to a complete morning routine.

Click here to see a video example.

We can tailor your dreams and imagination into an automation that works for you.  he only limit to what we can do is your imagination.


Not every Home Automation device is available at the local store or even on the internet.  Some may not even exist.  So how do we make that dream come to life?  We build it.  That's right custom devices are possible.  During your consultation if a need exist and a product doesn't - we'll discuss how we can make it happen.


Now that we've added all this extra stuff to your home you may be asking can my internet connection handle everything?  Worry not - we can take care of that also.  Chances are your ISP is providing plenty of bandwidth, but it may not be making it to every corner of your home.  We can analyze  your internet service and help get everything talking at the right speed.  It could be a simple as running a single cable - or a whole new rack of network equipment. 


In today's world you can't take chances with the safety of your Home and Family.  Smarter Home can help you make sense of the vast options available in Home Surveillance.  Whether it's a Video Doorbell or a full system, for your home or office, we have you covered.   From picking the cameras and recorder to making sure your comfortable with your new system we can help you every step of the way.

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