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Smarter Home of the Carolinas  was born out of a desire to make our homes more fun to live in while taking the work out of simple daily task.  For founder Shaun Ellis, it started with him trying to find a lamp timer that didn't have to be reset twice a year.  Fast forward a few years and a lot of research, Shaun and his wife Mary Lee's home has 60+ automated devices that either makes life safer, more fun, or just remove the mundane tasks from his day.  And honestly sometimes it's just plain funny how computers and humans interact.

About the Founder
How the Process Works

Founder Shaun Ellis brings years of practical experience to the Smart Home world.  Having worked in the new home construction combined with his many years managing business IT, he has a wide skill set to tackle any task.

As a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Shaun has a solid foundation in business management.  While at Virginia Tech he also studied lighting design and computer science.  By combining this base with his current experience in the Home Automation field you can be assured your getting the right person for the job.

Rest easy with the safety of your home and family as well while he is working on your project.  Shaun is also a former Police Officer having passed all the rigorous background checks.

If you've made it this far your probably wondering what happens after I make the phone call?  That's a fair question and here's the answer: 


We come to you - sit down in your home and determine what you want from your Smart Home.  Not everyone wants the same things.  We conduct a survey of what your desires are, what you want to have in your home, answer your questions concerning products, select the right products to meet your needs. 


After that and your new Smart Home goodies come in, we come to your home to install them and then show you how the system operates.  We'll take the time to ensure you have answers to your questions and everything works how you want it to.

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