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The Smart Home market is filled with many devices that advertise to make your life better.  At Smarter Home of the Carolinas our founders Shaun & Mary Lee live in a Connected Home so we know what works and what doesn't.  We sample devices before we sell them to you so we know what they'll do and how they can improve your life.  Click below to see our wide array of product offerings.


Smarter Home of the Carolinas is a full service Home Automation provider.  Specializing in affordably priced Smart Home products, we can create simple lighting programs that run when you're home and when you’re away - to complex routines that incorporate lighting, security, appliances, door locks, to whatever you can dream of. 


At Smarter Home of the Carolinas it is our belief that our homes should work for us, not the other way around. Our goal is to embrace technology in a way that makes your life easier, safer, more fun, and better connected.

  • Samsung - Custom Integrator

Home Automation & Home Entertainment

  • Google Nest Pro - Installer

  • Hubitat Elevation - Installer

  • Shelly - Installer & Distributor

  • Amcrest - Dealer

  • ​Konnected - Installer

  • ​Sylvania Smart + Lighting

  • Cree Connected Lighting

  • GE Smart Switches & Outlets

  • Ubiquiti Network Equipment

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